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Chaos Water Park

Chaos Water Park is a great family experience. You're going to love our dump bucket that if you're not careful and standing in the wrong place at the right time, you'll get soaked! But that's what it's all about. FAMILY FUN! All around the dump bucket, you'll find an interactive playground for the little ones. There are water cannons, slides, squirters, and sprayers that are sure to make all ages giggle.

Our large activity pool features a challenging lily pad path where only the strong make it without a dunk in the water. Speaking of dunk, be sure to check out the basketball hoops. You'll find two big waterslides. Hurricane Run is a slide that you can go doubles down with a partner...just don't be the one who screams the loudest! 

Chaos Water Park serves up pizza, nachos, breadsticks, pretzels and other snacks in the Splash Bar. You'll find cocktails for the adults. Don't forget to bring a couple of bucks for a Snowie to help you cool off because it's always 84 degrees in Chaos Water park!