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5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About the Winter Olympics

If you are a fan of outdoor, winter sports and you are excitedly watching this year’s Olympics, then you are going to love these fun facts!


1. Figure Skating and Ice Hockey were originally part of the Summer Olympics. While they are two of the most popular sports on ice today, they were originally debuted in the Summer Olympics, back when the games stretched over months at a time.

2. Norway has captured more gold than any other country. They boast 107 gold medals and over 300 medals total. They are one of only three countries that have won more medals at the Winter games than the Summer.

3. Only one person in history has won gold in both Winter and Summer Olympics. American, Eddie Eagan won the gold in boxing in the 1920 Summer Olympics and then, in the 1932 Winter Olympics, took home gold as a member of the four-man bobsled team.

4. As the saying goes, third time's a charm! PyeongChang won the 2018 Winter Olympic Games after two previous bid attempts. They previously lost out to Sochi, Russia and Vancouver, Canada.

5. The United States of America has held the most Winter Olympics to date. They’ve hosted twice at Lake Placid, once in Salt Lake City, and once in Squaw Valley.

Now, gather your family and friends and impress them with your new Olympic's knowledge as you watch and celebrate the 2018 Winter Olympics!
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