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5 Fun Fall Memes that are All Too Familiar in the Northwoods


Everyone loves playing in the autumn leaves, even our four-legged friends! Fall brings beautiful colors to the Northwoods, and once the leaves begin to fall, nature gives us hours of free entertainment. Check out a local park and jump in the leaves like a kid again!



The colorful leaves covering your car overnight is just a warm-up for what’s to come in the Northwoods! At least leaves are easier to clear off. 
Did you know you can preserve leaves in wax? Keep a few of your favorites and try this out!



Truth! Overnight temps can get quite cool in the Northwoods (that’s how we get the beautiful fall colors!), so mornings can be chilly. The temperature still warms up in the afternoon sunshine though. Pro tip: Pack layers when you visit the Northwoods in autumn.



Between the plentiful pumpkin patches and abundant apple orchards in the Northwoods, countless photo ops await. Arrange your kiddos on the pumpkins and make your best attempt to get them all smiling at the camera! Don’t miss the opportunity for these funny pics. After all, next year they’ll be older and more cooperative. You’ll cherish these bloopers for years to come.



Are you into Pumpkin Spice? Whether you’re yay or nay, if it’s fall, you can count on Pumpkin Spice everything! If you’re a fan, you’ll find your favorite fall flavor in coffees and treats in the quaint, local cafes and markets of the Northwoods.


Do you have a funny image that screams Fall in the Northwoods? Share it with us in the comments below!

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