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9 Rainy Day Activities

Although your thoughts of summer fun may consist majorly of outdoor activities such as swimming, biking, barbecuing, playing or watching baseball games, and just enjoying nature’s beauty, we all know that Wisconsin weather is always throwing us curveballs. Many people, including myself, start the day off with all of these fun-filled plans until we wake up to find the sky filled with dark clouds and the sun is nowhere to be seen. This is seen by some as just another annoying Wisconsin weather occurrence, and while some people occupy themselves for the day by playing in the rain and jumping in mud puddles, there are plenty of other fun activities to do in the area that don’t include sitting around the house complaining about what a bad day it is outside. 

  1.             The first activity that is guaranteed to brighten your day and help make you feel better is a visit to the Chippewa Candy Shop. Their seemingly never-ending supply of taffy, truffles, gummies, and even soft serve ice cream, soda, and fresh brewed coffee, makes it incredibly easy to satisfy the sweet tooth in everybody. And hey, who doesn’t love at least a little candy? I know that going to the candy shop always brightens my day no matter what the weather.
  2.             If you’re into theater or the arts, then check out the Heyde Center for the Arts. With the constant new arrival of plays, comedy acts, music performances, and much more, the Hyde Center for the Arts is a great place to spend time out of the rain and in the comfort of other people in the community. After the shows over, take a short drive just down the road to the Olson's Ice Cream for the best ice cream around!
  3.             Next, you can take the family to the Micon Cinemas to see a great movie that everyone will love. With plenty of movie options and their constant showing of new releases, you’re certain to find something for the whole family to enjoy. And after the movie, you can spend some extra time playing in the mini arcade. 
  4.            After the movie, take the family out for a relaxing meal at one of Chippewa Falls’ many restaurants. If you’re in the mood for a good home cooked meal, then look no further than the Chippewa Family Restaurant. The endless menu options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are sure to brighten your day. If it's an authentic Wisconsin Dinner you're in the mood for, check out The Edge Pub and Eatery for the best cheese curd burger your taste buds have every experienced. If you're in the mood for the tavern atmosphere and maybe want to catch the big game, then visit places such as the West Hill Bar (be sure to try their deep fried baked ham and swiss sandwich!), Loopy’s Grill & Saloon. Any one of these small town hits are great places to go if you want to surround yourself with a fun and energized atmosphere.
  5.             Another great family activity is to go bowling at Falls Bowl in downtown Chippewa Falls or at Ojibwa Golf and Bowl. Falls Bowl’s 20 available bowling lanes ensure there will not be a dull moment. Ojibwa’s glow in the dark décor inside the alley is sure to leave the kids in awe. To satisfy every member of the family, they have a bar near the alley and Jim Bob’s Pizza restaurant on site. 
  6.             Check out Marc-on Shooting to shop, shoot, or try one of their awesome classes. They will get you set up with the best equipment and experience around! They host classes and events to get you certified, educated, and keep you (and others) safe, in an exciting and fun atmosphere.
  7.             Tour the historic Cook-Rutledge Mansion. The 1887 restored and furnished lumber baron's home is truly unique. The Cook-Rutledge Mansion is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is one of the finest remaining examples of High Victorian Italianate architecture in Wisconsin. 
  8.             Downtown Chippewa Falls has some great locally owned shops occupy everyone. Bridge Street has an array of different shopping experiences. Country Treasures and House Blend Lighting & Design are great stores to find inspiration and find beautiful décor. Mason Shoe Outlet store has a friendly staff that is ready and willing to help you find that perfect pair of new shoes. With hundreds of shoes and styles to choose from, everyone is sure to find something they love. Another great place to shop is Foreign 5. With adorable clothing and accessories, you are certain to find that special something for yourself or a friend.
  9.             When it’s raining outside, it becomes much easier to make excuses to not get out and exercise. With the help of the Chippewa ValleyFamily YMCA, you can go workout in their quality weight room, play basketball in the gym, take a few laps around the pool, or run a mile around their track. The YMCA is a great place for the whole family to enjoy. You can burn calories and feel good about working out without getting soaked in the rain. Check out other healthy ideas!

With all the crazy weather this beautiful state throws at us, there’s always something to do. From fitness to history and shopping, Chippewa Falls has everything you need to help satisfy your rainy day blues.  So readers, next time it’s raining, you’ll know a few more places to go outside of the house. Until then, I’m going to be soaking up and enjoying the sun while it lasts.


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