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A Beginning Guide to Natural Health, Wellness, and Relaxation in Chippewa Falls

During the hectic months of summer, days seem to be jam-packed with events and activities; it is often hard to take time out of the day to just relax. But no worries, Chippewa Falls has some great local places that are affordable and all natural that will help you take care of yourself.

The first place that is sure to keep you pampered is Brown Barn. When I first walked in the door there was a subtle fresh fragrance that permeated the room. The shop beamed with elegance, from the black shelves to the huge array of bottled fragrances and bombs. One could almost imagine this shop being a high-end potions store existing in fictional stories. This store may not be from a book, but there are some pretty magical things that are happening at Brown Barn. Relatively new to the Chippewa Valley, it has already become one of Chippewa’s hidden treasures. Brown Barn’s slogan is, “We believe our products are not luxuries but life necessities that feed the soul and fuel the spirit.”. Their goal is to offer all natural products at an affordable price. Brown Barn grows the herbs and plants that make up their numerous scents and products at a small farm in Holcombe, Wisconsin. Brown Barn sells anything from assorted bath bombs to infused olive oil and vinegar. Brown Barn has their own Blending Bar where you can customize your own scent. Stopping by the store was great and I enjoyed reading the “Brown Barn Story” on their website.

The next thing that is proven to help you relax, improve circulatory health and improve energy levels is yoga. Yoga is great because you can do it anywhere and anytime. I love to do yoga by myself, but sometimes I like a little instruction and that is why New Day Yoga & Wellness is a great place to relax while getting some guidance. They offer a variety of classes taught by a yoga expert. One of the best things about New Day Yoga & Wellness is that they offer single classes lasting from forty minutes to seventy-five minutes on a variety of days and times of the week, making it easier to fit it into your schedule.  This yoga studio is different from the rest because they use state of the art equipment along with research-based stress reduction and relaxation techniques. Part of their state of the art equipment includes their Yoga Wall, this super unique feature offers more effective spinal and cervical traction using gravity, breath, and awareness. You can go by yourself or get a group of friends together to go check out New Day Yoga & Wellness, you’ll have fun while taking some time off to relax.

Lastly, one of the most important things to think about when trying to take care of yourself is thinking about what you eat. I am not talking about starting a diet, which I know is always on people’s minds. Committing to a diet takes a lot of work, self-control and dedication, so for those of you who don’t want to commit to a full-on diet, the least you could do is to eat healthier and eat local. The Chippewa Falls Farmers Market is a wonderful place to get all your veggies, baked goods, fruits, flowers and handcrafted items. The Chippewa Falls Farmers Market is the perfect size, it is big enough to ensure you find all your favorite goodies, but small enough so that you don’t get overwhelmed by all the vendors and choices. The Farmers Market is held every Thursday 12-6pm at Allen Park until mid-October. There is always an abundance of different colors and smells and it is all locally grown. Mini zucchini is one of my favorite seasonally grown vegetables that are really good baked or made into bread or cake. 

This has been Anna Li, inviting you to take care of yourself, naturally.

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