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Create Your Summer Bucket List in 4 Easy Steps

Summer is short, make sure you have a plan to make the most of it! Here’s how to plan the ultimate bucket list to make your summer the best one yet.

Get out your calendar! Whether you prefer a digital or paper version, you must reserve dates in your calendar, or your bucket list activities likely won’t happen.

Input all Pre-planned Events that will happen this summer. Make sure to include everything you’ve committed to so you can see what days are left! Include things like birthday parties, weddings, work trips, appointments, and family reunions.

Now for the fun part! Brainstorm ideas and reserve days for your bucket list activities! Include all the fun things that will make your summer one to remember.

How do you come up with unique ideas to really set this summer apart?

  • List all the things you’ve been wanting to try for years but have never made the time for. Then highlight your favorites!
  • List your favorite activities from childhood that you want your family to experience.
  • Include activities you’ve done in the last few years that were so fun, they’re worth repeating!
  • Ask your friends and family for suggestions! Personal recommendations from people who know you well can be very valuable.
  • Look online at websites (like this one) for events you won’t want to miss.

Make sure you’ve included dates with everyone you want to spend time with! Don’t forget about...

Time connecting and catching up with friends is the best therapy, and it gives us a chance to do fun things we might not otherwise do! Schedule a girls or guys night, or better yet, a weekend! Pick the activity and date now and share it with your friends so everyone can block their calendars.

It’s summertime and the kids are off school. Why not create a special day they won’t forget? Involve your kids in the planning of this one! Brainstorm unique ideas that are out of the ordinary for your kids, and commit to trying at least one!

Family memories last a lifetime. Set aside time for adventures with your crew that everyone will enjoy. Make sure to share the plans with your family and get everyone excited for your adventure.

Plan an extra-special date night or weekend away! Make it a surprise, or involve your special someone in the planning.

Summer is fun, but it’s notoriously busy. We pack so much into our evenings and weekends, it’s easy to overdo it. Don’t forget to set aside downtime to recharge, de-stress, and enjoy the simple luxury of time outside in nature.

Now that you have dates set aside for fun summer activities, you get to the difficult part. You have to follow through! Treat these dates as special meetings that you won’t cancel.

One way to do this is to set up accountability by sharing your plans with friends and family. Hang your summer calendar on the fridge so everyone is on board and excited!

All right, you’re set for the best summer yet! This is the summer you’ll try the activities you’ve been meaning to get to for years. Even if you forget to take pictures, these memories will be etched in your mind for years to come!

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