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Show-stopping Fireworks in Chippewa County

The 4th of July is almost around the corner, this national holiday is commonly associated with red, white and blue everything, barbeques, baseball games, parades, family gatherings fireworks and of course America's independence from Great Britain. The 4th of July is the one night a year when it is acceptable to keep your neighbors up at all hours of the night with the continuous sound of sparklers, fountains, noise makers and bottle rockets. The 4th of July also means that for all the pet owners out there, it is time to strap on your dog's thunder jacket, watch your cats scamper under the bed or spend all night trying to keep your pets calm.  
I was never a fan of firework season, especially when it comes to little street fireworks in the neighborhood. But if I am going to see fireworks, I do prefer to watch the big firework shows at local parks and towns. Luckily, I found a few places in Chippewa County that will be having a firework show.  Cornell is celebrating the 4th of July with a street dance and firework show at Mill Yard Park on the 3rd of July! Along with Cornell, New Auburn is also celebrating the 4th of July with a Firework Fundraiser and Free Kid Festival at New Auburn Park on July 3rd as well. These are just a few towns around us that will be having a firework show so be sure to go and check them out.But if you’re from out of town, new to the area or just want to see a great firework show in Chippewa Falls, do what the locals do- head to Lake Wissota on the 4th of July. You can grab a pontoon, a chair, or a friend and head up to

 Lake Wissota to watch some fabulous fireworks. A great place to watch the fireworks around Lake Wissota is Ray’s Beach; just grab a chair or a blanket, some food and friends to get ready for the fun night. Or if you would prefer to watch the fireworks while 

dining outside be sure to check out one of the great restaurants on Lake Wissota. The Edge Pub and Eatery has all you can eat chicken wings on Mondays for under $10, this would be a prime spot for a quick bite and a great view of the fireworks. The View is another great restaurant that serves homemade pizza and has a great atmosphere where you can spend your 4th of July evening. If you’re not looking to dine and watch fireworks because you’ll be too full from all the picnics and barbeques of the day, you could bring a lawn chair and set up a spot right on County Highway X where it overlooks the water. This would be a great spot for watching fireworks because of the low traffic due to the bridge construction, good parking, and a wonderful view overlooking the water! 
I know I will be spending my 4th of July with friends and family out on the water and hopefully enjoying a great fireworks show. Maybe this 4th of July you can bring out your inner child and be awe when the sky lights up with mesmerizing colors and lights. So for whatever this 4th of July entails for you remember to wear sunscreen, don’t drink too much, have fun with your friends and family and be sure to get out and enjoy the local fireworks!

Stay safe and "rocket" out!

-Anna Li

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