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Sizzling Summer Adventures in Chippewa Falls

With the warmer weather and the start of summer I have been trying to motivate myself to start being active after a hectic second semester. After returning from Iowa I have been eagerly searching for fun activities to do to stay active and be outdoors in Chippewa Falls. With the motivation of my friends I have recently joined a gym and I try to go to different work out classes regularly. A gym membership may be costly, but there are many great deals during the summer months. In downtown Chippewa, Excite! Wellness Studio offers drop in yoga classes for $10 and Zumba classes for $5. This is a great opportunity if you are not willing to commit to a gym membership and still want professional instruction.
    If yoga or zumba doesn’t float your boat, you can always go with the flow and spend your time on the water. There are over 450 lakes and streams in the Chippewa County, I love getting a group of friends together to canoe/ kayak or float down the river. Loopy’s Grill and Saloon is one of the best places to rent tubes, canoes, and kayaks in the area. They are even willing to shuttle and drive you to different locations.   I still have yet to check it out but, I’ve also heard that the Lake Wissota State Park has many cool summer programs to get you outdoors and is also a great place to fish. 
On cooler days I may not want to be out on the water or be cooped up inside of a gym, so that is why biking is one of my favorite activities to do during the summer. Biking is free (as long as you own a bike), environmentally friendly and the best part is you don’t have to fill the gas tank. You can go with friends or by yourself, you can also ride around the block or to the next city, the possibilities are endless. Chippewa Falls has a great biking trails and if you’re feeling adventurous to hit up a State Trail, passes are $5 per day or $25 for the year. I also enjoy going on night runs around my neighborhood or on the trails, just make sure you wear a head lamp and look out for the toads. The other night after it rained there were a lot of toads out and I almost ran over a few, but don’t let that discourage you. Overall it doesn’t matter if you feel like floating or running a 5k as long as you’re out enjoying what Chippewa has to offer. 
Adventure is out there but until next time, Chippewa Falls.
Anna Li Holey
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