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Summer Swings: Golfing in Chippewa Falls

It is beginning to be that time of year when I am on high alert for golf balls flying from the sky in hopes to dent my car or shatter my window. I have never really understood the sport of golf, trying to hit a ball with a club no bigger than desktop mouse. And even more thought provoking is the act of trying to get a 1 ½ inch ball in a 4-inch hole from yards away, I don’t know who ever thought that would be fun, but I applaud those who try. However, the sport of golf has proven to be one of America’s favorite summer pastimes; we should probably thank the Scottish for introducing it to us. I have never gone actual golfing before probably because I still find mini golf challenging. But I am getting older now so I should probably try out a more advance course.

The other day my coworker Kelly recently went on a golfing adventure at Ojibwa Golf and Bowl and here is what she had to say “Ojibwa Golf & Bowl is close to home so we can get in a quick nine after work or do 18 on the weekend.  The course is always in good shape and has a variety of challenges, like the big tree right in the middle of the fairway on hole number two. It used to intimidate Jack my husband but now he says his goal is to go over the tree, and by golly he does. My goal is to not hit the tree but to drive past it. Hole number 4 has the Glen Loch to the right of hole. I usually dig a ball that I don't care if I lose when I drive that hole. My mom had given me Sponge Bob Square Pants golf balls and some of them have found peace in the loch.  I love the nature of the golf course. You can usually spot the Bald Eagle that has made a home somewhere by the course or once in a while you can see deer but you will always find birds chirping and sometimes the shout of FORE!”

After hearing about Kelly’s golfing experience it made me a little more excited to try golfing, but I wasn’t really sure what golf course to go to. After doing some research I found out that the Lake Wissota Golf Course has “Unlimited Golf Fridays”, every Friday you can play as many holes as you want with a golf cart for just $39.75, along with great drink specials all day long like $1 beer or $10 for bottomless Bloody Marys. I also looked at the Lake Hallie Golf Course which is one of the oldest golf courses in the Chippewa Valley; it originally opened in 1925 and is still going strong. At Lake Hallie people have to the opportunity to be taught by pro golfer Fred Hancock, which I think would be a great experience. So some day in the near future when the weather is nice I might have to venture out on to the fairway and try my hand at golf.

Hope everyone is swinging into summer and always aiming for new summer adventures!

-Anna Li

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