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The Ultimate Girlfriends Weekend Getaway Guide

Summer is a great time to have a getaway weekend with your girlfriends. But there is no need to buy a plane ticket to somewhere tropical because there are a ton of great activities to do right here in the Chippewa County.

Why travel to California to see the vineyards when there are so many local wineries that are booming in the area? A great weekend activity to do for a girl’s weekend is to travel and explore the local wineries. First on the list should be Infinity Beverages Winery & Distillery, this winery was founded by one of the youngest commercial winemaker and distiller in the area, producing innovative and distinctive wines while supporting American growers. Next on the list should be Autumn Harvest Winery & Orchard this winery and orchard was founded by a local family with a rich history in the Chippewa County and a family tradition for making excellent apples and spirits. River Bend Winery & Distillery is next on the list, owned by a husband-wife duo their wines have won many awards and their grapes are locally grown. And the final stop for local wineries would be the O’Neil Creek Winery, stop by and enjoy the nice view on the patio with their locally owned and operated winery.

            If wine tasting is not for your group of gals why not plan a relaxing weekend at a Spa or Retreat! You could book a spa day at Bravo! Salon and Spa, they offer a wide variety of massages, body treatments, and facials. They have a professional staff that will take good care of you and your friends. A spa day will make you feel more relaxed and is a great opportunity to take your mind off of your busy summer schedule. Or if you’re looking for a nice relaxing getaway you could rent a cabin and spend the weekend at a retreat center, two good locations to keep in mind are Hideaway Resort and White’s Wildwood Retreat. Hideaway Resort offers air-conditioned cabins with fully equipped kitchen and bedrooms along with boat rentals and an onsite campfire ring. Each cabin is unique with its own personal charm and is a nice place to get away. White’s Wildwood Retreat is also a good choice because it offers many different lodging options. The cabins also come with a fully stocked cookware for the kitchen, furnished bedrooms, and nice bathrooms. The location is also great because many local attractions are a short distance away. Both would be ideal places to stay up late laughing until your belly hurts and making memories.

            However, if you’re looking for a more frugal activity to do over your girl’s weekend there are also fun little things to do in the Chippewa County. You could get the girls together to check out the local farmer’s markets and greenhouses, in particular, there’s Klinger’s Farm Market. Klinger’s offers many lawn care accessories like lawn chemicals, garden tools and many organic and earth friendly products. There are also 18 different greenhouses at Klinger’s which contain one of the largest selections of flowers, vegetables, and herbs in the area. Another option would be to spend a day at Ray’s Beach in Chippewa Falls with your girlfriends. Pack a picnic and some sunscreen and you’ll be set for a day in the sun with your friends.

So for your friends who think they are Master Sommeliers to the group of friends who enjoy being pampered, Chippewa County offers and array of fun activities perfect for a girl’s weekend.

Until next time,

Anna Li 

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