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Your Lake Wissota Pocket Guide - Local Favorites

Living on the lake is something that I only ever dreamed of until three years ago when my family and I decided to make it a reality and purchase a home on Lake Wissota. Since then, our time on the water has been filled with great friends, delicious food and drinks, and lots of fun. Despite the occasional “lesson learned" moving to the lake was the best decision we ever made!

The best part of lake living, though, is sharing our experiences with others! Since I've become a bit of an expert, I've put this map together as your local “pocket guide” to some key spots to visit the next time you are up in the North Woods on beautiful Lake Wissota. It shows you where to eat and drink, where to go for fun, where to rent boats, get gas, a few shallow spots to look out for when you’re boating, and more!

I love my lake life, and I think you will too. See you on the water!

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