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Deer Fly Trail

This area comprises approximately 8,589 of the total 33,653-acre county forest. Glaciated in the past, this area is a portion of the terminal moraine of the Chippewa Lobe of the Great Wisconsin Glacier. It is characterized by rolling hills, sharp ridges, numerous lakes and streams, and supports a wide variety of plants and animals. Due to variations in topography and glacial soils, many forest types have evolved side by side. Glacial and bog lakes fill the lowest depressions. Other lowland areas may be occupied by tag alder swamps, swamp conifers, swamp hardwoods or a mixture of these. Aspen, oak or northern hardwoods occupy upland areas. The County Forest is yours to enjoy. Recreational opportunities include hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and cross-country skiing. Some sections are seasonally designated as ATV routes and snowmobile trails. Other opportunities include firewood cutting and logging.

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