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Moon Ridge Trail Area

This area makes up about 7,800 of the 34,433 acre County Forest. Like most of the County Forest, this area shows evidence of past glaciations. The rolling topography has scattered ponds, swamps, and wetlands in the low areas. Northern hardwood stands, composed mainly of red maple, basswood, white ash, and sugar maple dominate this area of the County Forest.

Also present in the area are several flowages that provide habitat for nesting and migrating waterfowl and other wildlife. The water levels in these flowages are monitored and managed to best benefit wildlife. It is not uncommon to view multiple duck and bird species, as well as muskrat and beaver on many of the flowages. Osprey have been known to use these flowages also.

There are many trails and roads which access this area, some of which are gated to restrict vehicle traffic, and to reduce damage to the trail. Most of the trails are the result of past logging activity and are merely dead-end. Others loop and connect with other trails, which come back out to the Moonridge Trail. A segment of the Ice Age Trail, which crosses 20 miles of County Forest land, also winds its way through this area of the County Forest.

The County Forest is yours to enjoy. Recreational opportunities include hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, snowmobiling, bird watching, mushrooming, fat biking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. Other opportunities include firewood cutting and timber harvesting. Please be careful with fire and avoid littering. 

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